Mount Eerie (US) + No Kids (Can) + Talibam! (US) + Galena (US) på Fredag 9/5

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(Flyer av Hanna Eliasson)
Koloni presenterar:

Mount Eerie (US)
No Kids (Can)
Talibam! (US)
Galena (US)

Film: Towncraft the movie (US)

Fotoutställning: “8 av 10 Koloni” + lotteri av Erik Wistrand
+ dj, bar & mat

Fredag 9/5
Kulturhuset Underjorden
Bragegatan 11, hpl SKF
kl 19-03 (filmen börjar 19.30)
Entré 100kr
Förköp: Vänder sig om,


Mount Eerie (aka The Microphones//Phil Evrum)
(US, K-records/ P.W Elverum & Sun ltd)

En av Kolonis absoluta favoriter är tillbaka på Underjorden,
senast var för exakt 2 år sedan.

The Microphones började som lo-fi-psyk-pop-snillet
Phil Evrums skötebarn för ca 10 år sedan när han
fortfarande var med i bandet Old Time Relijun.
Eftersom han kom från Anacortes, Washington(state)
i närheten av Olympia kändes det nog självklart att börja ge ut på
Calvin Johnsons K-Records. När skivan “Mount
Eerie” släpptes 2003 bestämde sig Phil att döpa om sig
till det namnet och i samma veva startade han det egna
skivbolaget “P.W Elverum & Sun ltd.” som utöver skivor
ger ut handgjorda böcker, calendrar, ljudböcker

Mt Eerie/The Microphones är en väldigt produktiv artist som nästan
jämt på turne och har på de 12 år som artist hunnit släppa inte mindre än
20 album 13 eps samt medverkat på 25 st samlingsskivor.
Skivan “The Glow, Pt. 2,” som kom 2001 räknas som en
mordern indie klassiker och blev utvald till årets skiva av både
och den inflytelserika musiktidningen Pitchfork media.

“The Microphones are, hands down, my favorite band alive” “He’s like a bedroom Phil Spector.
And he’s doing it all on his own, it’s not like he’s out there hobnobbing with the elite. It seems
like it’s all very intuitive for Phil.”

- Chris Swansson. Secretly Canadian.

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Phils egna sida/bolag:
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No Kids (Can, Tomlab)

“Vampire Weekends ­kanadensiska syskon startar en barbershoptrio på Vancouvers universitet. I prickiga flugor och David Hockney-glasögon stjäl medlemmarna – som ibland också kallar sig P:ano­ – små hooks och knep från de bästa. De plundrar systematiskt­ Arthur Russell, Hot Chip, Junior Boys och Janet­ Jackson. Resultatet blir en retrofuturistisk Glen Baxter­-teckning av studenter knäppandes med fingrarna kring flygeln i biblioteket. Alla har kofta och Clark Kent-sidbena­, en av dem röker pipa. Det är som att lyssna på en förvånansvärt lyckad nord­amerikansk nyinspelning av det allra första avsnittet av Brideshead revisited.”
- Andres lokko , SVD (5 av 6)

It isn’t every day a band can pull off straightforward electro lounge-pop that sounds comparable to Arthur Russell. No Kids, formerly known as Vancouver-based band P:ano, is a troupe of songwriters who know the virtues of jazzy drum programming, soulful vocals, and infectious key melodies. Not weird enough to be annoying and too creative to be merely classified as pop, this innovative band is destined for greatness. No Kids fits that description perfectly. Fueled by Julia Chirka, Justin Kellam and Nick Krgovich of P:ano, the songs somehow use countless instruments, drum machine beats and harmonies, but never does a song seem crowded. Each element is heard crisply and clearly and the results are extremely enjoyable.

Skivbolaget Tomlab:


Galena (US, Rocket Racer)

Galena is Billy Sprague, 33, residing in Oakland California. Experimenting with diffrent art mediums
such as ; photography, music, sculpture, painting, drawing, collage, film & slide manipulation, stencil art,
acrylic & bronze casting, screen/gocco printing, wood/linoleum cuts & more.
Galena is also a music enthusiast and sound artist. Releasing music for himself and others on his independent record label Rocket Racer for a decade now.

billys musik:
Billys egna bolag:
Billys konst:


Talibam! (US, Gaffer)

Ornette Coleman playing on Soft Machine’s Fourth in hell”… Talibam!’s brand of shitstorm skronk is grounded in more intelligent thought and dynamic group exchange than many of the more hyped transmissions from the contemporary American ‘noise’ underground.”
- Tiny Mix Tapes

The music matches the mania of the packaging perfectly as the duo let loose a …blast of sonic sludge that gleefully destroys everything in it’s path, as if on a mission.
-The Wire

Agro-improv troupe Talibam! will surely harsh your mellow. A cross between noise-rock, free-jazz and unabashad fuckeduppedness, Talibam! is audio terrorism at its most playful. Led by drummer Kevin Shea and the hideous gurgles of what might be Speak & Spells (Matt Mottel, synth) suffocating under distortion pedals.”
-Village Voice

“Their name– taken from a New York Post headline celebrating American bombings in Afghanistan– may be a joke, but their music is far from a punchline. Not that it’s super-serious either: Most of Talibam!’s songs are rollicking, blood-pumping workouts that surely take a few cases of Red Bull to complete. But these guys have sharp skills and diverse ideas and can do a lot more than just sprint. Their music evokes the raucous party-noise of Hal Russell or the Sun Ra Arkestra, but also the agility of ensembles led by David Ware or William Parker. On top of that, Talibam! adds prog and math-rock flourishes akin to Don Caballero and Battles.”
- Mark Masters, Pitchfork Media

“Like the Sun City Girls before them, Talibam! are musical omnivores and uncanny telepaths. Collectively, they have digested everything from free-jazz, Americana and noise, to Afro-pop, garage and electroacoustic composition and connect the dots between these idioms to create spontaneous and vivid constellations of sound.”


Film: Towncraft The Movie av Richard Matson
In the late 80s and early 90s a vibrant underground music scene emerged in Little Rock. Unlike other towns, Little Rock’s scene was composed almost entirely of kids. 14-18 year-olds were booking their own shows, starting record labels, opening record stores and playing with large national acts. In the process they would build a tight-knit, flourishing underground community that existed completely outside of the High School norm and was all their own. The film focuses on the roots of the Little Rock scene, how it changed the lives of those involved, the enormous DIY ethos that has shaped the scene for the past 20 years and how the scene continues to thrive as its pioneers hit their mid-30s.




Fotoutställningen: 8 av 10 Koloni samt lotteri av Erik Wistrand

Erik Wistrand som driver foto-bloggen Obsessive Username Disorder har blivit lite av Kolonis husfotograf det senaste året.
Nu har han valt ut 10 st av sina favoritbilder med temat “8 av 10 Koloni” (vilket betyder att 8 av dessa bilder är från koloni arrangemang) och tryckt upp dom på Canvasduk i storleken 50×50 cm.
Dessa tavlor kommer lottas ut till besökarna under kvällen!!